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“Our new patients usually come to our office on a referral from a friend. It is a personal recommendation and we understand they are putting their trust in us, so we do not take that for granted. It means a great deal to us when someone has the trust and confidence to refer family and friends. It makes our jobs particularly worthwhile and is both very personally gratifying and humbling it is a pleasure to be of service.”

— Dr. Gardner

“After knocking out some of her teeth while doing gymnastics, my daughter was extremely upset and unable to look at herself in the mirror. We immediately called Dr. Gardner’s office (outside of regular business hours) to see if he would help. Although it was supper time, we received a call back immediately from Dr. Gardner and he told us to put her teeth in milk and meet him at the office. Dr. Gardner and his assistant, Linda were both already there to greet us when we got there and they got right to work. Dr. Gardner and Linda were both extremely calm and helped my daughter feel much more relaxed and comfortable, by giving her lots of assurance everything would be ok. After a few hours of hard work piecing together small, slivers of her teeth, they were completely put back together and looked even better than before! The talent it took to get each piece back exactly where it came from was extremely impressive. Dr. Gardner and Linda dropped everything that evening to help us…..not only to fix my daughters teeth, but to give her the confidence she needed to smile again. And they did it all with a smile. My daughter went from not wanting anyone to look at her to wanting to show her entire class at school the “before” and “after” pictures. We are forever grateful for the wonderful care and patience we are always given by Dr. Gardner and his staff, but we were especially thankful to be treated with that same patience and kindness after hours. The welcoming atmosphere from all the staff and the talent of Dr. Gardner and his team makes us feel extremely lucky to call their business our home dental office.” — Ashley Kragenbring

Girl with broken tooth
Girl receiving dental care
Girl with restored smile

“I feel grateful to be a patient of Dr. Gardner and his caring staff, having spent 20+ years with another dentist. The truth of the matter is, my former dentist was far from honest with me and had no plan to help me with my dental problems. Year after year I only heard “boy, you have a lot of wear on your teeth”. After switching to Dr. Gardner, he proceeded with a thorough dental exam and x-rays. He then spent a considerable amount of time and came up with a plan, not to patch, but restore my teeth to where they should be. We discussed options and I am forever thankful my smile and teeth have been restored. I highly recommend this dental office!” — Mike Botzek

“My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Gardner’s for over ten years and couldn’t be any more pleased with the excellent dental care that he provides. Each of our three children  actually look forward to their dental visits and especially get excited to select a ‘prize’ at the end of their checkups. Dr. Gardner is an extremely personable and knowledgeable dentist, and he treats his patients with the utmost respect and kindness. The office staff and hygienists are extremely friendly, welcoming and compassionate, always making our dental emergencies a priority. Dr. Gardner and his staff take excellent care of our entire family, and for that, we are very thankful.”Allison Roiseland

“Dr. Gardner and his professional staff are wonderful! Dr. Gardner’s dental office is equipped with up-to-date technology and all his staff are exceptionally skilled. Dr Gardner is a ‘perfectionist’ at Dentistry. I have had wonderful results with my dental work and give Dr. Gardner and his team my highest recommendation. Dr. Gardner has been great at explaining all the various options available to me when I have needed dental care. I have been a dental patient under Dr. Gardner’s care for the last ten years. Great professional team! Great results!”– Paul Gaebe

“Over one year ago I chose to go to a different dentist; it has been a great decision. Dr. Gardner is MY dentist now. The initial appointment and health interview is so interesting … I felt cared for in a new way. He is very skilled, thorough and the dental work is painless! The staff is friendly, yet professional, and the whole experience very comfortable!  You can trust Dr. Gardner and his assistants with your complete dental health!” — Jacque Jensen

“I proudly write this testimonial for Dr. Michael R. Gardner, DDS, of Willmar as my first urgent visit saved me unnecessary root canal and misdiagnosis by [my previous dental office].  After having a root canal and asking about pain in the lower jaw, the dentist said I needed a root canal in my wisdom tooth on the lower jaw where I had no pain and told him it had to be the bridge.  So, I changed my dentist and had an appointment scheduled with Dr. Gardner who listened to me!  Yes, the bridge rear tooth needed a root canal.  I was sent to the endodontist in St. Cloud to have the necessary scan and received the needed root canal in their Willmar office.  Dr. Gardner is very professional, listens, truly cares and executes the finest dental knowledge I have ever had shared with me.  But, as important, is to know the doctor you have trust in truly cares.  His staff is the same top caliber as he is.” — Marilyn Tegels

“I have been a patient of Dr. Michael Gardner for some time.  I would highly recommend Dr. Michael Gardner to anyone who is looking for a good dentist.  You can also have a good time joking around.  That is another good quality about Dr. Gardner, plus his nice staff that work there.  His staff are so great, warm and friendly.  Need I dare say:  it doesn’t seem so bad going to the dentist!!  It is such a warm and friendly atmosphere.” — Sincerely, Janet E. Beckman

P.S.  “Check it out!!  You won’t be disappointed!!”

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